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Smooth Built Up Roof Before Coating
Smooth Built Up Roof Before Coating
Smooth Built Up Roof During Coating Application
Smooth Built Up Roof After Coating Application Complete
Smooth Built Up Roof During Coating Application

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Roof Coating Case Study -
Smooth Built Up Roof

This Smooth Built Up Roof was in the beginning stages of breaking down. We don't understand why roofs were ever designed to be black. A black roof has limited ability to fight the harmful ultraviolet rays the sun puts out every day and in most cases, black roofs degrade prematurely. To make matters worse, the heat from the black roof ends up inside the building, causing either increased energy costs or just an extremely hot interior if the building isn't air conditioned. This is why we use quality bright white cool roofingproducts from American WeatherStar.

This building owner was smart to apply such a bright white roof coating system on his roof to make it last longer and cool it down.

Before installing the roof coating system, a moisture survey was done on this roof to ensure there wasn't wet insulation. If wet insulation is found, it must be replaced before installing an AWS roof coating.

After determining the substrate was dry, the installer power-washed the roof with more than 3,000 psi to make sure the roof was extremely clean. He then applied one coat of AWS Fabric Bond 930 to make sure our top coats adhered to the roofing material. Other appropriate primers for a smooth BUR roof include AWS Acrylic Bonding Pimer 905 and AWS SBS Primer 950.

Often times at this point we would begin the waterproofing stage of the roofing system, but this roof was caught before the roof leaks began, so in this case, the building owner was only using the WeatherStar roof coatings system for preventive maintenance. This means this project qualified for a 100% building maintenance tax deduction in the year it was installed!

The roofing system, consisting of two coats of AWS Acrylic 211 sprayed in place to form a bright white seamless membrane, made sure this customer's roof would last for years to come. To coat a smooth built up roof that does drain well, American WeatherStar offers a Miami-Dade County approved AWS Acrylic 211, but for roofs that do not drain well, they offer AWS Butyl 310 or AWS Urethane 520.

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